Practicum Course Details - Fast Track Option

Students seeking credentialing in California must complete a practicum experience after completing the CCAPP Basic Training curriculum.  This includes 255 hours of supervised work AND an additional 45 hours of training on clinical issues.  Students are responsible for locating their own work place to obtain the 255 hours of experience, but does offer the 45-hour training package that allows you to meet the educational requirement. 

When we have a student who already has a significant number of work hours (3,000 hours or more), we have the ability to offer the 45 educational hours in an equivalent manner.  What we would do is document your experience (using a site approval form) to make sure you have a strong clinical background and offer you the opportunity of doing the education in a more timely fashion.  We still recommend that you obtain the same text we use for the regular practicum (details below) as these are valuable resources that all counselors will benefit from. 

How to Register For Course:


  1. Register for class

    • You will need to contact directly to discuss enrolling in this course.  We will need to verify your hours to ensure you meet the standards required to enroll in this version of the course. 

      • You can call us at 866-431-4240 or, better yet, simply send an email to and we can help get you enrolled with this course -  we are in the office M-F 9am-4pm CST.  If you are sending an email please be sure to include your full name, what credential you are working towards, how many current hours you have and where you are working so we may start the signup process.  We will officially verify your hours once you have submitted your site verification form after you purchase the course.  Please note - if you do not meet this required minimum, you will be placed into the Traditional 15 week course.

  2. Order/obtain course materials (more below).

  3. Log into email used at checkout for your Digital Download email that will provide a unique link which will allow you to download your Practicum Fast Track Handbook.  Be sure to save a copy of your handbook somewhere easily accessible so you may access as many times as you need.  

    • This handbook contains all the directions, projects and paperwork needed to complete the course 

  4. Fill out PRACTICUM SITE APPROVAL FORM (located inside your Fast Track Practicum Handbook).

  5. Fax PRACTICUM SITE APPROVAL FORM to at 866-222-3461 or email it to

  6. Read through handbook in its entirety and complete ALL projects.

  7. Email all completed projects to or fax a copy to us at 866-222-3461.

  8. Have supervisor fill out/sign evaluations as instructed – we will provide you with those forms upon course completion.

  9. Upon completion of all lessons, projects, and submission of evaluations, your course instructor will complete and mail you one of two CCAPP required forms.

Course Structure:


  • Instead of the smaller weekly (15) assignments, like our traditional Practicum course, you will complete three major assignments:

  1. Take a self-assessment of clinical skills

  2. Write/present a client intake that includes an assessment of client needs

  3. Write/present a treatment plan/discharge plan that addresses treatment and discharge plans/needs for the client as they move forward. 

    • We grade those activities so as to document your fundamental knowledge of treatment.

  • We require that your worksite supervisor submit the same evaluation CCAPP uses as part of the overall assessment of your knowledge-base. 

  • You are still required and MUST document your 255 hours of supervised training - THERE IS NO FAST TRACK FOR THAT. 

  • Once the educational hours are signed off on, we will send you the forms that CCAPP requires that will have our signature for the education, and your work supervisor will need to sign off on their portion of the process. 

    • These forms will go to CCAPP to validate the practicum.

Recommended Course Materials:


Two texts are recommended for the course: 

  • The first is a book by Corey and Corey, "Becoming a Helper."  We will be working out of the fourth edition of this text in order to make it more affordable for students.  You can find copies at a variety of locations, including eBay and  There are a large number of both new and used copies of this book at some very reasonable prices.

  • The second is the book "Developing Clinical Skills for Substance Abuse Counseling" by Daniel Yalisove. Again, is one of the places you can order the book, which should run around $45.  

**Though these are not required books for the Fast Track option we still strongly encourage you to purchase both books as these are valuable resources that all counselors will benefit from. **  

Remember, you will need to save a copy of your  Fast Track Practicum Handbook after the first download so you may access it as often as you need.   This handbook contains all the directions, projects and paperwork needed to complete the course.

If you have any questions in the meantime please do not heisitate to call our office toll free at 866-431-4240 during regular business hours Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm CST or email us at