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Affiliation - IC&RC

Credentialing Board

Credentials Offered

Alabama Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association (AADAA)  (last updated 12.3.18)


717 Hwy. 67 S.
Suite 2
Decatur, AL 35603


Phone: (256) 432-2781 




Career Steps

  • AAP - Alabama Addiction Professional

  • CAADP - Certified Adolescent Alcohol & Drug Abuse Professional

  • ADC - Alcohol Drug Counselor

  • AADC - Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor

Specialty Certifications
  • CCJAS - Certified Criminal Justice Addiction Specialist

  • CCJP - Certified Criminal Justice Professional

  • CCS - Certified Clinical Supervisor

  • APS - Associate Prevention Specialist

  • CPS - Certified Prevention Specialist

  • CPM - Certified Prevention Manager

What you'll be seeking there in Alabama is licensure as an Alabama Addiction Professional (AAP), Certified Adolescent Alcohol & Drug Abuse Professional (CAADP), Alcohol Drug Counselor (ADC), or the Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor (AADC), through the Alabama Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association (AADAA).  They require that your basic educational hours of drug/alcohol specific training MUST come from a college, university, or proprietary school.  At this time, Alabama DOES NOT allow distance learning to be used for these hours, so unfortunately you won't be able to use a distance learning program to gather your hours.  I'd suggest you visit the Alabama Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association site at for additional information about credentialing or use the email and phone listed above.  They should have a list of local providers that can assist you with your hours.  

Sorry we cannot be of assistance in gathering your basic credentialing, but wish you luck in pursuing your license.  Feel free to contact us by phone or email if you have any follow up questions.   You can reach us during our office hours M-F 9am-4pm CST toll free at 866-431-4240.  If, however, you have specific questions for the board, please contact them using their details above.  

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