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Basic Training

There are two major credentialing bodies used by most counselors seeking drug/alcohol credentialing: The International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC); and NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC).  Every state will belong to one or the other, or both of these national groups.  At a national level, these two groups help to organize the types of credentials that states offer, and work to create standards that each state will meet.


Ultimately, you will be obtaining a credential from your State Board.  All Boards will basically offer the same types of credentials, though they may be called something different in each state.  So in order to become credentialed, you will need to know and/or contact your State Board in order to know what type of education and work experience is required. 


To that end, we have created a database of State Boards (and International Boards, too) that will help you know what credentials are offered, how many hours of education and work experience are required, and if or “how many” hours of education can be obtained by way of distance learning. 


Our experience in more than twenty years of service to the field tells us that credentials and standards change over time.  We continually work to review and update information for students, and have posted this information on our site (found by following the button at the bottom).  However, it is the students’ responsibility to make contact with their State Board to make sure you have the most up-to-date information.  Please use the link above to see what we know and have posted, and use the contact information so that you can also communicate with your State Board.


If you are seeking continuing education (CE) hours, your path is simple. offers more than ninety (90) courses that can be used to maintain your credential. We offer courses in lengths of 3, 6, 9, 10, 12, and even 15 hours in a variety of topics.  All coursework is nationally approved by NAADAC (Approval #62818) and the National Board for Certified Counselors (Approval #5899). 

Navigate to our Course Listing and Cart page (use the navigation bar at the top) and review the available course titles. We have separated our coursework into Series (e.g. Pharmacology Series, Treatment Series, Ethics Series, etc.) in which all courses are listed in alphabetical order.  You can learn more about a course by simply clicking on the course title - a new tab or window will open to give you information about the course, goals/objective, and instructor.  When you find a course that you wish to purchase, simply click on the format you'd like - Internet (immediately downloadable), USB Flash Drive, or Hard Copy (these two formats will be sent to you by USPS Priority Mail). 

By selecting a course, you'll be taken to our secure cart system.  You can "Continue Shopping" if you'd like additional courses, or "Checkout" if you are ready to purchase your course.  Then, simply follow the instructions on your screen to complete your order.  If you order Internet formatted coursework, be sure to note that the course title on the order confirmation page is the direct link to your course.  This same link will be sent to your email address as back-up.  This page is also a receipt that you can print and use if you need one for reimbursement purposes.

If you are uncertain as to how many hours your credentialing board allows for CE, you can click on the button below for more information; or you can email us at and we'll be happy to assist you. 

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