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The DLCAS Test Center has now been offering drug/alcohol training online since 1997.  What helps set us apart from other groups offering similar services is the ability to deliver coursework at the time you order it through Internet downloads.  Students have been able to order a course today, read/review the materials tonight, and complete their test online.  The results are sent via email to our offices, where we process the course certificate and send it out by first class mail.  From start to finish, students can complete a course and have their certificate of completion in about 72 business hours.  However, for many of you, you'd like it to be even faster.  Probably the most frequent request we get is this - "Can't you find a way that we can print our course certificate immediately after passing the course exam?"

As a result, we searched high and low and found a new testing software that provides immediate access to course certificates.  We've joined forces with QuestBase and are now using their software for all of our online exams.  This software allows you to log online with any browser (even mobile phones and tablets), take the exam, hit a button, and get immediate scoring. 

How to Access Test Links and Use the Automated Test System

Instructions and access to our test system have changed.  To test online, you will need a specific link that is unique to each of our courses.  By now you should have received your link (or links) in your ORDER CONFIRMATION EMAIL.  No matter what version of coursework you order from us (Internet, USB Flash Drive, or Hard Copy) the links will be found directly below each course title within the confirmation email.  Please note, the email address that was used at checkout is where this confirmation email (with test links) are sent.  If you are ordering for a student, or if someone ordered on your behalf, make sure to forward the confirmation email to the student so they have access to the test and evaluation links when ready. 

If you do not see the confirmation email in your inbox, please be sure to check your SPAM/JUNK folder as the email could be filtered by your email provider.  If you still do not see that confirmation email after 24 hours (it could be delayed depending on your internet access and email provider) please either call the office at (866) 431-4240 or send an email to and we will happily resend.  

PLEASE INCLUDE your name, order number, AND the title of the course (or courses) you are wanting to complete.  Otherwise your request could be delayed.

A score of 80% or higher is required in order to obtain a certificate of completion for each course.  When you submit your test the confirmation page will show your correctly answered questions (marked by a GREEN check mark), any missed questions (marked with a RED X), and provide the entire key with your passing score.  Please note, if you fail an exam the confirmation page will show you any missed questions but NOT the correct responses.  If you do not achieve a passing score on your first attempt you will be able to review the questions you missed (indicated by the RED X), make corrections and then submit your entire test again. 

Once you pass the test you will receive your course certificate in one of two ways: the first will be a blue certificate “hotlink” found on the results page, next to the word "Results" (please see image example). When you click on this hotlink will generate a print-ready PDF of your course certificate allowing you to save/print it for your future needs. 

If you miss that hotlink don't worry - our system will also email you a back-up copy of your certificate to the email address you provide at the start of the test (so be sure to enter a valid address).  Please double check your SPAM folder, as it could be filtered by your email provider.  If both of those methods fail, please send us an email to and we will pull a copy of your certificate from our records and send to you.

If you have difficulties accessing your certificate (some internet browsers may block this pop-up window from appearing), first make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader, then check your email that you listed when submitting your test.  Remember, the system is designed to send a back-up copy of your course certificate.  

  •  If you still have trouble accessing your certificate, if you have questions, or need help, email us at  We archive ALL test submissions and can pull copies to send you if necessary. 

  • BE SURE to include your name, your order number, the title of the course, and the date of completion - otherwise your request might be delayed.

For the latest download of Adobe Reader, please use the follow link:
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