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Those individuals seeking credentialing in California as a drug/alcohol professional are required to complete a practicum experience, which consists of two parts.  Part 1 requires the student to complete supervised work experience in the core functions of counseling as follows:

  • PART 1: 

    • Requires documentation of 255 hours (for CCAPP credentialing) or 160 hours (for CADTP credentialing) of supervised work experience.  Students are response for locating their own worksite and supervisor to gather these hours.  The supervised work experience covers the following areas:

      • Screening

      • Intake

      • Orientation

      • Assessment

      • Treatment Planning

      • Counseling

      • Case Management

      • Crisis Intervention

      • Client Education

      • Referral Reports/Record Keeping

      • Consultation with Professionals

      • AND 3 hours of Agency Orientation

  • PART 2:

    • Requires 45 hours of educational training on areas related to clinical practice which is provided by   

When you register for the practicum course, we will send you a packet that includes a checklist and a site verification form that you must return in order to begin gathering the educational hours.  It is also important that you NOT begin logging your supervised work hours until you have registered for the practicum education – CCAPP requires that you can only log the supervised work experience after you begin the educational training (CADTP does not have this requirement). Once your site verification form has been submitted you will be contacted by email with instructions on completing the 45 hour requirement.  

If you have additional questions or need additional clarification, please do not hesitate to give our office a call (toll free) at 866-431-4240 during regular business hours Monday - Friday 9am-4pm CST or by email at

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