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Technical Support for Samsung Tablet/Phone - Accessing Your Internet Course

Once you place an order using our secure cart system, your confirmation screen will have active links to any internet coursework you order (which will be in PDF format for easy use and download).  In addition, you will receive a digital download email from us containing a direct link to your course download.  Please note, our system will allow you three (3) opportunities to download your digital course, so please make sure you open and save your course to an easily accessible location.  But, if you have trouble with this please know that DLCAS Coursework NEVER expires.


Please keep in mind, when you download your coursework one of your three downloads will be used and a copy will be saved to your Samsung Tablet/Phone, typically by default in the "My Files" application, but will discuss that more farther down in the post.  

Download from your Order Confirmation Page

Below is an example of the order confirmation page after you checkout with any Internet format coursework.  Your first chance to download your coursework will be found on this page.  You will also be able to recall this page from your Order Confirmation Email.

Download from your Digital Download Email

Your next opportunity to download your internet course will come in the Digital Download Email.  Please note, this email will go to the email address you provided upon checkout.  If you placed the order on behalf on another student, please be sure to forward that email to them so they have access to their course.

When you click on the link you will be taken to our digital download portal in our store.  There you will be able to download a copy of your course and see how many downloads you have left.  Remember, each course has 3 opportunities to be downloaded.

How to Find Your Internet Course After Downloading

When you download files from the internet to your Samsung Tablet/Phone it will automatically save the file in your "My Files" Application.

To locate your course PDF you will need to first open your "My Files" application.  Once you have "My Files" open you can find your course PDF in two easily accessible locations: either by clicking on "Documents" or "Download History."

In order to open your course PDF you will need to have a PDF application, of your choice, installed.  There are many free PDF applications available in the store, so be sure to use one of your liking.  Hancom, Google Drive, or Adobe Reader are all good choices as your PDF reader.

Remember, when you finish reading through your course(s) you will need to submit your course post-test.  Instructions and access to our test system have changed.  To test online, you will need a specific link that is unique to each of our courses.  By now you should have received your link (or links) in your ORDER CONFIRMATION EMAIL.  No matter what version of coursework you order from us (Internet, USB Flash Drive, or Hard Copy) the links will be found directly below each course title within the confirmation email.  Please note, the email address that was used at checkout is where this confirmation email (with test links) are sent.  If you are ordering for a student, or if someone ordered on your behalf, make sure to forward the confirmation email to the student so they have access to the test and evaluation links when ready. 

For more detailed instructions about locating these links, or how our test system works, please click on the button below:

If you are still having troubles accessing your course, please send an email to, or call our office during regular business hours Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm (CST) at 866-431-4240 and ask to speak with Tech Support. 

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