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West Virginia

Affiliation - IC&RC

Credentialing Board

Credentials Offered

West Virginia Certification Board for Addiction & Prevention Professionals (WVCBAPP) (last updated 5.4.17)

436 12th Street, Suite C

Dunbar, WV  25064


T (304) 768.2942

F (681) 205.8503



When ready to begin credentialing, please contact Ronni Rittenhouse at for more information.



Career Steps

  • Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ADC)

  • Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (AADC)


Specialty Certifications
  • Associated Criminal Justice Professional (CCJP)

  • Prevention Specialist (PS)

  • Clinical Supervisor (CS)

  • Peer Recovery (PR)

The WVCBAPP allows unlimited distance learning for both basic and continuing education requirements.  Education requirements range from High School/GED Diploma all the way to a Master’s degree. does have designed curriculum to meet the basic requirements for each of the credentials listed under Career Steps above.  Use the following buttons to download the training plan:

PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to contact the Board prior to beginning your path towards credentialing.  Contact information is noted above.


In addition, we have posted a PDF document that details all of the basic drug/alcohol credentialing requirements and specialty certifications offered by the WVCBAPP.  It can be downloaded using the following button:   

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